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Application of foreign students


This page addresses students, who would like to perform research training in our lab while staying enrolled at their home university. Students that would like to change enrolment (e.g. Master 1, master 2 [first and second year of Master studies] or PhD program of the Bordeaux University) should contact the Bordeaux Segalen University directly ( ).

The department is glad to welcome foreign students for training and for their PhD thesis and we plan a successful stay for you in Bordeaux. In particular we invite all students from partner Universities to join the academic environment of Bordeaux. Training and experimental thesis work can be performed at any time, but it is in your interest and the host lab that the stay is not too short (minimum 4 weeks).


Important message

Important message for students and scientists who would like to perform training in our laboratory: Please verify on the homepages of the individual groups if there are special requirements as e.g. vaccinations. If you have any doubts upon your working program in particular about the need of time lapse microscopy and the use of pathogens please contact the responsible supervising your training in Bordeaux.


Who can apply?

Students in Biology and Medicine having basic lab experience in biological research. We accept students from all over the world, but please note that the administrative requirements depend upon your country (EU, non-EU; see “part b) in “How to apply”).

The training levels include: 

● Bachelor students
● Master 1 students (1st year of Master studies)
● Master 2 students (2nd year of Master studies)
● PhD students
● Students in joined Master-PhD programs
● Postdocs


Duration of your stay
● The duration of the Bachelor/Master teaching can be modified according to the need of student’s home University. The training includes the supervision by a scientist. Your work progress should be documented by regular scientific presentations in lab meetings and by a final written report.
● Ph.D thesis can be performed in co-supervision with a scientist of another University (so-called “these en cotutelle”). This arrangement requires that you are already accepted by the graduate school of your home university and allows that you will obtain the doctoral degree from your home university and also from the University of Bordeaux. We will be glad to send you the agreement, which has to be signed by both universities in order to ensure the double doctoral diploma (please see also the home page of the doctoral school If you have not yet obtained financial support for your thesis we can help you find support.

Administrational requirements
Please check first if you need a Visa for France. When you are from outside the EU we have to obtain clearance from the Minister of Defence, which takes 4 weeks. This procedure is required as we are working with human pathogens.
Once you have identified the topic and the laboratory in which you can perform your training, you have to contact the Department of European and International Affairs which will help you through the administrative procedure (see part b) in “How to apply?”).

We will help you to find reasonably priced accommodation. However, if you would like to stay in a student apartment you should fix the dates of your stay as early as possible but at least 2 months ahead of your training. The application procedure for accommodation is done online in most cases.

All information on accommodation can be found at:

For any further question please contact Mr Julien Gourgues (

You can communicate in English within the laboratory environment without problems Outside the University and the lab environment French is certainly helpful, but not essential. If you are interested the University offers free French language training at the beginning of each academic year, which starts at beginning of September. Commercial classes for French are also available any time at the Alliance Française Bordeaux Aquitaine (; homepage in English, German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian etc...).


How to apply?


a) Finding a laboratory and a research topic

  1. Please carefully look at the website of the host lab and study the research topics of the host lab that interests you. If you do not find your area of interest we invite to also look for Immunology ( or helicobacter, inflammation and cancer (; in French).
  2. Send an email to the principal investigator of the host lab asking about potential topics, which would be of interest to you. Do not forget to include details of :
    • The period you would like to be trained,
    • The duration of your training,
    • Your training/educational level (bachelor student, master 1 student etc),
    • Your technical skills,
    • What kind of training you would like to do (Bachelor (short stay rotation), Master 1, Master 2, research training eventually in collaboration with a lab of your home university, or Ph.D),
    • What experiments you would like to do in the host lab, and your scientific objectives,
    • If you have already obtained financial support,
    • Elements you need for equivalence at your home University,
    • 2 references (email addresses from professors or scientists of your current or former University).
  3. Wait for the response of the principal investigator, which should include the research topic and the training period. Feel free to discuss the details of the program with him/her.

b) Administrative procedures

After having chosen a topic and a supervisor for you training you have to follow the scheme below. Please note that the procedure differs dependent upon your home institution and/or nationality and your level.
Required documents and procedures to apply for a Training/Research Mobility


EU Institutions or EU Nationals

Non-EU Nationals from non-EU Institutions


Bachelor Level
Master Level


Acceptation letter from the host laboratory

AND (if available)
Erasmus Placement Agreement signed by the host laboratory

Acceptation letter from the host laboratory


Within the frame of a cooperation agreement: Free
Less than a month: Free
From 1 month to 3 months: 55, 62€
More than 3 months: 118€ (Bachelor level) ; 161 € (Master level)

EU Institutions or EU Nationals


Ph.D Level


Acceptation letter from the host laboratory

AND (if available)
Erasmus Placement Agreement signed by the host laboratory

Within the frame of a cooperation agreement: Free
Less than a month: Free
From 1 month to 3 months: 55,62€
More than 3 months: 249 €


Post Doctoral


Acceptation Letter from the host laboratory

Once you have obtained the above-mentioned documents, you may then apply online on the university website:
Download and fill in the template of the research mobility agreement (click on “mobility programme”). If you have any problems do not hesitate to contact


Other options


Students and Scholars from non EU Institutions

Ph.D Level

Researcher’s Hosting Agreement (« Convention d’accueil de chercheur »)


Researcher’s Hosting Agreement (« Convention d’accueil de chercheur »)

Post Doctorate

Researcher’s Hosting Agreement (« Convention d’accueil de chercheur »)


Once you have obtained the approval of your supervisor in the host laboratory, you will have to provide him/her your personal data to fill in the Researcher’s Hosting Agreement application form, which must be sent to the Department of European and International Relations by your host supervisor. Once the form is approved and signed by the Bordeaux Segalen University’s legal authority, we will send it either directly to your home address or to the French Consulate where you will apply for a visa, in order to launch the visa delivery process.
Insurance and medical care
Whatever option you apply for, you will be responsible for getting civil liability insurance, and providing a European Health Insurance Card or a proof of medical insurance covering for any emergency that may happen during your stay in Bordeaux.
MD students or MDs who would like to also have a clinical activity have to undergo a specific procedure should contact Mr Frédéric Bertrand ( for further information.


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