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Replication and mobility of viral and bacterial genomes.


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Site internet du "6th international conference on retroviral integration" : ICRI#6

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The aim of the group is a better understanding of human pathogens spreading occurring through the replication and/or the mobility of their genomes in order to develop inhibitors and original therapeutic strategies. We study the enzymes and nucleic acid structures involved in viral replication and gene mobility in human pathogens as bacteria and RNA viruses. Our work is conducted using several models: i) RNA viruses whose replication occurs in the cytoplasm only, or ii) requires a reverse transcription step followed by nuclear integration of the genome in the cellular DNA, and iii) bacteria using integrase/transposase for catalyzing the mobility of genes involved in antibiotic resistance . The analysis of the activity of viral enzymes involved in the RNA replication and DNA integration and mobility (RNA polymerase RNA dependent, retroviral integrases, bacterial class 1 integron integrase, transposases) is performed by biochemical and cellular approaches. The involvement of the structure of viral and bacterial genomes on replication and transposition is also investigated. For all these models, selection of cellular partners was undertaken and their role was analyzed to understand the cellular control of integration and mobility activities. Beside these approaches, transversal research between medical and fundamental approaches, namely in the field of resistance to antimicrobial agents, allows to confront the data obtained in vitro and the patient reality and are fully complementary.

Replication of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV)

DNA mobility in human pathogens

Mobile genetic elements in bacteria

Clinical research

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