Unravelling the secrets behind LLPS and viral replication

16 August 2022 by Delphine LAPAILLERIE
All you wanted to know about Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation (LLPS) and viral infection can now be found in our latest review in Trends in Microbiology. MobilVIR team


Liquid-liquid phase separation (LLPS) has recently emerged as an important process during the viral cycle, which enables interplay with innate immune responses to ensure the success of viral infection. The cover art shows a schematic representation of the formation of LLPS-mediated condensates inside cells, with the overlapping bubbles acting as microscopic projections of the nucleic acid/proteins concentrated in condensates found inside the virus-infected cells. In this issue, we reviewed the current discoveries on LLPS in common viral infections. We addressed the significance of understanding LLPS in viral replication as well as the potential antiviral targets in the process, which might have a tremendous influence on future therapies. This review was created by a consortium of volunteer scientists, including MobilVIR group, from around the world who volunteered for the Crowdfight COVID-19 initiative (https://crowdfightcovid19.org) to help in the global effort against the COVID-19 pandemic. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.tim.2022.06.005

(Cover art of Trends in microbiology december 2022)

Image courtesy: Kwan Ching Wu.

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