Molecular mechanisms of resistance to antifungals

Antifungal resistance at the molecular level in C. lusitaniae

Gene expression, cellular effects

Study of the transport (uptake, efflux) of nucleobases, fluoropyrimidine, and azole antifiungals

Effect of engineered null mutation on antifungal susceptibility

Characterization of NCS1 (nucleobase cation symporter 1) transporter family in C. lusitaniae

Minimal inhibitory concentration of fluconazole measured by E-test

Development of C. lusitaniae as a cellular platform for the expression of mutated genes conferring resistance to azoles and echinocandins

Effect of gene replacement on antifungal susceptibility, cell morphology, cell-wall modifications (structural, chemical composition) using AFM microscopy and Infrared spectroscopy in ATR mode

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