Marie-Line Andreola’s group

Antiviral development, viral replication and regulation / Antibiotic resistance in bacteria

The objective of our group is to understand the mechanisms governing the replication of human pathogens and the mobility of their genomes in order to develop inhibitors and new therapeutic pathways to control their dissemination. We also study the mechanisms enabling human pathogens to escape host defenses and acquire resistance to treatments. Techniques we developed are combining biochemistry (protein purification, monitoring of enzyme activity), cell biology (ex vivo replication, host-pathogen interactions) and pharmacology (drug characterization and resistance mechanisms, development of new inhibitors). We also develop aspects of transversal research and epidemiology mainly in the field of resistance to antimicrobial agents. This integrative approach is applied to the study of bacteria and viruses of clinical interest, such as enterobacteriaceae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, as well as RNA viruses including retroviruses (e.g. HIV, MLV) and to a lower extent arboviruses (e.g. ZikV, ChikV).

These fundamental and medical questions are addressed in the context of 2 axis developed in tight collaboration between team members