BSL3 Laboratory

The team is managing the BSL3 laboratory of Bordeaux University within the TBM core (CNRS-UMS3427 / INSERM US005).  Marie-Line Andreola is scientific director and Patricia Pinson is technical director of the facility. Marie-Lise Blondot is a full-time engineer dedicated to SARS-COV-2 related experimentations.


  • Compounds screening for antiviral activity against HIV, HCV, ZIKV and SARS-COV-2.
  • Cellular mechanism of action of active compounds
  • Oncogenes vectorization
  • Cat3 GMOs handeling

for more details, please visit the UB’L3 website (in french).

Research projects involving the BSL3

ANACONDA (ANR project, PI ML Andreola)

VasCOV (ANR project, PI A Bikfalvi)

D-Mask consortium

under construction.

For more details about these projects, please visit the Andevir webpage.