Antiviral drug development, viral replication and regulation (Andevir)

Team leader : Marie-Line Andreola

We are studying the replication of RNA viruses to propose original therapeutic strategies, focusing our research on RNA viruses such as HIV. For this purpose, we are developing biochemical assays to study the mechanism of action of viral enzymes [reverse transcriptase (RT), integrase (IN)] and cellular models to understand the replication of the virus in a more physiological system. More recently, we have been focusing on getting a better understanding of the cellular regulation of replication. On one side, we identified cellular partners of HIV IN and are studying their role in regulating the integration step at the molecular, cellular, and structural levels. On another side, we characterized secondary and tertiary structures of the viral genome and are investigating their role in regulating viral replication and gene expression. In parallel, we are taking advantage of these data and our expertise to develop antiviral molecules and study their mechanism of action in vitro and in infected cells. Finally, we developed transversal studies to better understand HIV evolution (identification of novel circulating recombinant forms) and viral resistance to current ART.

Emerging viruses

Fundamental research on ZikV and SARS-CoV-2

Cellular regulation of integration

Cellular partners of HIV IN and post-translational modifications


Secondary and tertiary structures of genomes

Drug development

Development of inhibitors and novel antiviral strategies


BSL3 Laboratory

Translational and clinical research

NGS / Provir

WHO center

Reference center for HIV drug resistance

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