Candida and Pathogenicity

Team leader : Thierry Noël

The team "Candida and Pathogenicity" develops research activities on yeasts of medical interest which fall into two main areas at the cellular and molecular level

•  Characterize the minimal metabolism which allows only a few species of phylogenetically distant yeast to be pathogenic to humans.

•  Global (genomics, quantitative proteomics, bioinformatics) and targeted (reverse genetics) approaches are used in a complementary way to study the survival of pathogens in macrophages, with a particular focus on lipid metabolism

Understand the molecular mechanisms of resistance to antifungals (fluoropyrimidines, azoles, echinocandins).

Use of a genetically engineered Candida strain as a cellular platform for the expression of genes and mutations involved in clinical resistance, and of their impact on the biology of the fungal cell (metabolism, transport, fitness) and on its parietal and / or membrane integrity by different approaches (Atomic Force Microscopy, Infrared Spectroscopy, CPG).